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Whe­ther it con­cerns charter, air­craft manage­ment or main­ten­an­ce services. We offer cus­to­mi­zed solu­ti­ons to suit your demands.

/  Goldeck-Flug Charter

Air­craft Charter

Fle­xi­ble, more time and comfort

Charter your own pri­va­te air­pla­ne – fle­xi­bi­li­ty means inde­pen­dence. With Goldeck-Flug Charter you make decisi­ons about many important fac­tors yourself:

  • Point of depar­tu­re and arrival worldwide

  • Date and time

  • Num­ber of travelers

  • Cate­ring

Your bene­fits:

/  When fly­ing Goldeck-Flug you put the hec­tic of air­ports behind you.

  Our crew will be wai­t­ing for you at a pri­va­te ter­mi­nal.

  Wit­hin a few minu­tes you will be air­bor­ne com­ple­te­ly stress-free.

  The atmo­s­phe­re on board is calm, com­for­ta­ble and dis­cre­te.

  Goldeck-Flug assists you with your out­ward and onward jour­ney, from unrestric­ted mobi­li­ty with limou­si­ne services to hotel boo­kings, heli­co­p­ter flights and more.

Cur­r­ent­ly avail­ab­le for charter:

/  Flight Ope­ra­ti­ons

Air­craft Management

Enjoy more freedom

You can rely on our expe­ri­ence – With owning your per­so­nal pri­va­te air­craft you have many advan­ta­ges at your dis­po­sal, we take care of a smooth operation:

  • Purcha­sing and selling

  • All-in Manage­ment

  • Charter Sales

  • Flight Ope­ra­ti­on

  • Ground Ope­ra­ti­on

  • Crew Trai­ning

  • CAMO

  • Flight Dis­patch

  • Finan­ce and Cost Control

Your bene­fits:

/  As an expe­ri­en­ced and Aus­tri­an licen­sed air car­ri­er, Goldeck-Flug offers you pro­fes­sio­nal ser­vice and cost transparency.

/  Our experts will gui­de and aid you pro­fes­sio­nal­ly and with gre­at know-how on how to orga­ni­ze, main­tain and mana­ge your pri­va­te airplane.

/  Goldeck-Flug Tech­ni­cal

Tech­ni­cal Management

Safe­ty due to experience

A key ele­ment of our com­pa­ny – we offer fol­lowing services regar­ding the tech­ni­cal manage­ment of your pri­va­te airplane:

  • Super­vi­si­on, plan­ning and logistics of all man­da­to­ry main­ten­an­ce intervals

  • Initia­ting all pla­ned and unplan­ned main­ten­an­ce services

  • Con­trol­ling main­ten­an­ce services

  • Super­vi­si­on, trai­ning and com­ple­ti­on of all offi­cial requi­re­ments and instructions

  • Issu­an­ce of year­ly Airworthiness Review Cer­ti­fi­ca­te (ARC)

  • Insuran­ce and con­tract processing

  • State­ment of cost and cost control

You bene­fits:

/  We pro­vi­de pro­fes­sio­nal Air­craft Main­ten­an­ce Manage­ment through our very own CAMO (Con­ti­nuing Airworthiness Manage­ment Organization).

/  Avail­ab­le for all air­craft clas­ses accord­ing to Euro­pean guidelines.

/  Our ser­vice team gua­ran­tees indi­vi­du­al guidance.

/  Main­ten­an­ce and cost con­trol are per­fect­ly balanced.


Feel free to con­ta­ct us any time:

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