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Goldeck-Flug gets you clo­ser to your desti­na­ti­on. Fast, safe and excee­din­gly effi­ci­ent. In your own pri­va­te airplane.

/  Your busi­ness jet from newest genera­ti­on with high inte­rior com­fort and true jet speed.

/  Your air­pla­ne is aes­the­ti­cal­ly fur­nis­hed with high-end craftsmanship.

/  All jets of the Goldeck-Flug Pri­va­te Shared Owners­hip Pro­gram are real game chan­gers due to their extre­me­ly short Take-off and lan­ding features.

/  Goldeck-Flug takes care of all the details inclu­ding sche­du­ling, main­ten­an­ce, crew selec­tion, super­vi­si­on and all fur­ther amenities.

No wai­t­ing time or tedious secu­ri­ty pro­ces­sing. Fly to pla­ces others can­not even land at.

Avail­ab­le aircrafts

This is how Pri­va­te Shared Owners­hip works

Make use of the vir­tu­es of owning a pri­va­te air­pla­ne without taking chan­ces on expenses.

/  Goldeck-Flug´s Pri­va­te Shared Owners­hip Pro­gram redu­ces cos­ts for the indi­vi­du­al. The uti­liz­a­ti­on of air­craft capa­ci­ties is much more effi­ci­ant when shared through our pro­gram in com­pa­ri­son to sin­gle owners­hip of an air­pla­ne. 

  A sin­gle capi­tal pay­ment allows the owners­hip of a sta­re of an aic­raft. Up to five indi­vi­du­als can own shares of an aircraft.

/  After the end of the con­tract term, the­re is the pos­si­bi­li­ty to eit­her pro­long the con­tract or have Goldeck-Flug hand­le the sale of the shares.

/  The size of the share defi­nes the flight time per year. We take care of main­ten­an­ce, sche­du­ling, trai­ning and crew manage­ment to ensu­re a safe and worry-free transport.

Want to learn more about Pri­va­te Shared Ownership?

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Con­ta­ct us direct­ly and recei­ve fur­ther Infor­ma­ti­on on our services and our new Goldeck-Flug Pri­va­te Shared Owners­hip Program.


    Your mes­sa­ge will be secu­red trans­mit­ted via htt­ps to our ser­ver. By sen­ding your request, you give per­mis­si­on to use your infor­ma­ti­on in order to pro­cess your request. You can find our pri­va­cy poli­cy and right to with­drawl here.

    For indi­vi­du­al coun­se­ling on our Pri­va­te Shared Owners­hip Pro­gram, plea­se contact:

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